Hurricane Katrina Info

Natural disasters are a good reminder of the power and destruction that nature is capable of bringing down on us. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 Hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast in August, 2005. It has proven to be the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States so far. Nearly five years later, the damage has still not been completely repaired.

Although extensive damage was caused in Louisiana and Mississippi, the hardest hit area was New Orleans. Nearly seventy percent of New Orleans lies under water, and when the levees broke, most of the city was immediately flooded with water. Although there was a mandatory evacuation, about 10% of people stayed, mainly the elderly and poor. About 180,000 homes were as much as 15 feet underwater, and almost all of the electrical and water systems were not working. Many people were trapped on roofs, attics, and even drowned.People stayed in the Superdome for cover, and many atrocious crimes such as rape and murder were committed there. After several days, the water covering the city became contaminated with chemicals, garbage, and dead animals and people. There were hundreds of cases of murder, rape and looting. The final death toll was nearly 2000 people.

Thousands of police, military personnel, and private army organizations were brought into the city to help rescue people and control the violence. While trying to do their best to help, many people were convicted of crimes they did not commit, and put in jail. Most of the people who were unjustly treated received no re-compensation from the Government.