Zeitoun: Overview

Zeitoun is the story of a muslim man and his family living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. While the wife, Kathy, and children head out of town to avoid the coming storm, Zeitoun stays to take care of the house and contracting business, much to Kathy's dismay. When the storm hits, Zeitoun has already prepared and there is no unfixable damage. Zeitoun canoes around the flooded city rescuing people and taking care of animals, and talks with Kathy daily on a phone line working on one of his rental properties. Kathy gets sick of her family after several days, and leaves Baton Rouge with her children to stay with a friend in Phoenix. One day, Zeitoun and several friends are arrested in their house for "looting", and taken to a makeshift jail called Camp Greyhound. They are not given a phone call, and are placed in a high security cell as suspected terrorists. They are eventually taken to Hunt Correctional Center, a maximum security prison outside of the city. After weeks of worrying, Kathy gets word from a missionary that her husband is in Prison and she immediately takes action. She hires a lawyer and they manage to get Zeitoun out of prison using one of their properties as bail. They managed to reclaim Zeitoun's possessions taken from him at Camp Greyhound, but they were never re-compensated for all their losses. Kathy and Zeitoun attempted to sue the officers who falsely accused Zeitoun to no prevail. This book tells the story of a family who had to undergo unfair accusations, and struggle through the troubles brought on by the Government during Hurricane Katrina. It shows that the Government is not always just, and that even the most innocent man can be held responsible based on false assumptions and prejudice.